About The Artist

Shawn Rainey the artist known as Fabstraq is an artistic soul who has been creating art since his early childhood. From paintings to poetry, this multifaceted artist delivers inspiration with each of his artistic abilities.

Early in life, Fabstraq, struggled with various forms of trauma which led to painful feelings of isolation and rejection. These feelings took him to the darkest places of his being and increasingly became a detriment to his development. Feeling hopeless and alone, he longed to find an escape and that’s when he was introduced to Art.

Art became the vehicle to transport him from the dark to the light. He quickly learned that in this creative space of making Art, he could experience feeling understood, fulfilled, and truly ALIVE. He had finally found a place where he could feel at home right within the safest places of his own mind. He found the zone where pain ceased to exist. He found his soul’s purpose.

As he continued to grow as an artist, Fabstraq’s, deep personal life experiences gave him the endless fuel to continue to create and heal. He was deeply influenced by his native NY'S diverse culture and such things as graffiti, hip hop culture, and the continued desire for a better life.

Throughout the years, he has been continuously committed to perfecting his style and his unique use of vibrant colors to create one of a kind abstract pieces that leave lasting impressions and radiate healing vibes. Because he pours his heart and soul into each piece that he creates, they are impossible to forget and truly one of a kind.

In more recent years, Fabstraq, has become a Cetified Art Therapy Life Coach and has participated in various local charity art shows benefiting organizations such as The National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. and Chemo Angels. He regularly volunteers at The Glazers Children museum for Member Mornings where he inspires future artists through his art. Fabstraq, has also been featured on Bay News 9’s Everyday Hero’s segment in Tampa Bay News and he is the Creator of ART!culate Tampa™. An annual show and platform held with the goal to help grow and showcase the tremendous talent base of artists where they can ART!CULATE their gifts with the world.

Fabstraq’s future goal is to continue to pursue and build on his dream of sharing his SOUL; his Fabstraq Art with THE WORLD and to continue to help fellow Artists achieve their deserved visibility also, in the world of Art.